Thursday, January 31, 2013

11/9/12 Could've sworn I was dreaming....

My roommates could vow that I checked the mailbox multiple times a day for those couple weeks I was waiting for my call to come.. When it did, I was running in between jobs and only had a couple minutes to spare. I had my dear friend Lexi meet me at the mailbox with the key! And lo and behold, it had arrived. I was in shock and literally almost ripped it open right then and there. Once I semi came to my senses, I called my friend Ryan and met him on the way to work.. We had already established that he'd babysit my call for me until we arrived in az the next day! Waiting to open that bad boy was the longest wait of my life.. But it came!!! And the entire experience just felt like a dream. Although it doesn't seem so, let me just tell you that I was extremely excited! I was also emotional and overwhelmed by the Spirit. And immediately I knew that was where the Lord would have me serve. It was an amazing thing. I report February 20th, 2013!!

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