Tuesday, August 6, 2013

August 5, 2013

Yesterday (being fast sunday and all) Bishop had asked for the ward to do a special fast for missionary work! There is a greater excitement in the ward and it is so awesome. Having two sets of missionaries in the ward, they're really buckling down! The lesson in relief society yesterday was soo so great. It was all on missionary work and how we can prepare our kids (future kids) for missions.. and it just made me think back on allllll the many experiences/people/examples that helped to prepare me.  I was really overwhelmed with the Spirit and felt way too blessed as I reminisced on primary, young women's, girls camps, EFY's, youth conferences, my PARENTS, siblings, friends in high school, amazing people I met from work and college... the list goes on. I was in tears just remembering the examples that I have had in my life and I don't know why I have been so blessed. They kept talking about what they can do in their homes and what is most important to help prepare their kids.. I just kept thinking it really all comes down to example. That is how Christ led- is by example. That's how my parents led- is by example. Madre and pops, catching you praying so many nights has reaaally helped me when I've needed it. Whenever I am completely overwhelmed and about to break, I flashback to picturing you kneeling by your bed in prayer and know that's what I need to turn to. So thank you.
Let's talk about Felix! He is doing so well. Baptismal date is set for August 24th!! :) He would like Bishop to be the one to baptize him and we have started talking details. We have almost taught all of the lessons and all of the commandments.. we just have follow the prophet and obey and honor the law left. So after that we will start going back through and helping to strengthen his testimony even more! We explained the interview process for before baptism and went through the questions with him.. it was SO COOL. For many of the questions he had such powerful answers. For the question about the church and gospel of Jesus Christ being restored through the prophet Joseph Smith he just said "I have no doubt in my mind." His faith WILL help him to overcome his smoking/coffee addictions and I just know it. Knowing that transfers will be before his baptism makes me extremely nervous..... but we are going to ask president for permission to make sure we are there for it. We realized Felix kept pushing the date for sooner so that Sister Stewart and I can be there but he was doing it for us not for him... and we know that August 24th is a good date and a good goal for him and his circumstances.
I was studying in Mark this past week and I loved chapter 10 and in verse 23 "How hardly shall they that have riches enter into the kingdom of God!" A man came to Christ and asked about receiving eternal life and what he needs to do. Christ recites some of the commandments to him and the man says that he has already been doing that. So then Christ tells him that what he lacked was to give to the poor. And another verse that stood out to me was "It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God." These were such powerful verses to me about the danger of riches. And Felix is an amazing example to us about this! He was just offered a pretty good job that would have paid a lot more and he turned the offer down because he knew it would take too much time away from his family and he said he had a bad feeling about it. He says that all he needs is a roof over his family and enough money to keep them fed. We shared this with him one night and thanked him for the great example he is to us.
We neeed to find new investigators.. we are trying our best to work with the members in finding and I know it will pay off. But this past week we had many tracting adventures... hahah. We met Moaning Myrtle off of Harry Potter. I'm sure it was her. Creepiest door approach I have ever experienced. Also, we met tons of investigators that fit under the single's branch sisters and also the elders.. so we got to meet lots of awesome people but most were passed off which is always hard. We did meet one new investigator though! Her name is Keasha and she is just great. She's met with missionaries in the past in Junction City and is open to learning again :)
We have been helping Shawn again. She isn't doing too well.. and it is super frustrating and hard knowing how to help her because it all comes down to her agency. We are trying to be more bold with her so she understands our purpose more fully. But the most important part that we feel- is to testify to her that we can't understand all of her trials but our Savior understands perfectly. Sparkles and Lil Sis love her but can only do so much for her and the rest is up to her.. It has just strengthened my testimony so much in helping her and also has made me realize how very real Satan is.
We got to teach Carlos last night!! He is incredible. We taught the gospel of Jesus Christ and it was such a powerful Spirit that was felt there. He accepted the invitation for baptism and he is just so solid. He has suuuch a strong faith. We are going to miss him, he leaves soon to go back to Ecuador. But I just know he will be an amazing member down the road and I could so picture him as a bishop in no time. Oh and he asked us how he can serve a mission once he gets baptized! Haha he is unreal. We explained how important families are and that he should raise his kids right now but that he can be a missionary wherever he goes. He liked that answer.
My favorite quote for the week: "Preach the gospel at all times and if necessary use words." SO true. Just be an example to those around you and let them know who you are, why you're here and where you're going. And you can do that through the person you are and how you act/treat others. We are in some amazing times right now and I know that the Lord is in charge of this work so let's all help Him out and share the gospel with all those that we meet.
I love you all!
Sister Smartt

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