Monday, November 25, 2013

I feel like the worst auntie ever... but happy late birthday to CADEN!!! I love you Cade and hope you had the best birthday ever. I can't wait to talk to you in about a month! And a shout out to KYLE! Happy birthday!!! Hopefully they make you a sweet turkey cake again.

This past week has been madness! We literally only had two days in our area... the rest were filled with meetings, service, exchanges, and sickness. Tuesday we did service at the zoo. I LOVE that we get to do that in this zone too. It was a blast raking leaves and then we maybe jumped into a giant pile and it was so much fun. Can totally check that of the bucket list! Then our ward had us serve at a blood drive in another church so that was interesting. I kept flashing back to when I donated and passed out and like had a seizure.. good times.

All of Wednesday we were in Manhappenin'!!!! I feel a little guilty about it, but driving into Manhattan just felt like home. Sister Call and I were freaking out.. probably a little too excited. That night we had a conference call with Sister Bell and all of the sister leaders, which was way good. Thursday we had a specialized training with the AP's and President Bell and it was sooo good. Elder Neeley and Elder Deleon are awesome elders and gave some awesome trainings. Also, they LOVE roleplays. I have decided that I am going to make myself love them and it has started to work hah. After the training, I went with Sister Payton to the Lawrence University Ward (KU is KState's rival sooo that was a struggle)... but we had a blast/adventure. That evening we froze though.. We walked to a bus stop only to wait an hour and a half in the crazy ICE storm (who even knew those existed?) and found out the bus was not coming..... Poor Sister Payton didn't have tights or gloves on and my gloves didn't fit her and it was so sad because we were just frozen! We were laughing the whole time though. And ended up calling a member to come pick us up for our next appointments. Later their member told us the weather said it felt like 8 degrees outside. Sadly, we both ended up getting sick! I just got the flu but Sister Payton has hand mouth and foot disease! Soooo many people are getting sick out here. This weather is way too cold for my liking. But I.Can.Do.It.... 

It has been hard not being able to work in our area as much as we would like.. but I know that our calling is from the Lord and so we can trust in that. And I love that we get to exchange and learn from so many sisters! We have been able to get to know some more of the members and have had some AMAZING lessons with them and they are so stoked to be member missionaries. 

Luckily since I am just overcoming the flu I have an excuse to take limited portions for our THREE thanksgiving meals.... yeah wish us luck ;) hahah but I am so grateful for this holiday to remember what we are thankful for! I am especially grateful for the restored gospel of Jesus Christ, my family, my companion, my mission. The Church is true!!!

With all my love and thanks,

Sister Smartt (Small, sparkles, nibbles choose your pick)

PS yesterday since we were stuck inside all day we watched tons of church movies (Legacy, Mountain of the Lord, John Tanner story- soo good!!!)

"Consecration is the only surrender which is also a victory"

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