Saturday, June 8, 2013

Lots of changes to update on!!
I am now in the Kansas Wichita Mission, living in Manhattan, Kansas. It is BEAUTIFUL here. I pictured flat and farms for Kansas and not much going on...ha. But the area we are in is sooo green, lots of hills, and a college town. We live right next to K State so it is a fun area! We are in the Manhattan First Ward and everyone has welcomed us warmly. Luckily it was fast and testimony meeting yesterday so we were able to bear out testimonies, introduce ourselves, and they also had us say the prayers in sacrament meeting.
Transfer day was literally insane. First off, I wasn't expecting this change.. but the Lord knows best! So I am putting my trust in Him...(Prov. 3:5-6) Wednesday I packed and we were also able to have an awesome lesson with Adakcin before I left. It was really hard leaving her and also leaving all those we were teaching. Especially since we just set 4 people on date to be baptized last week! But that's okay. I know that the missionaries there will take care of them and I can still pray for them.. That day was also my last day serving at the Liberty Jail which was a weird and hard feeling. I am going to miss it so much. Serving there has changed me and has changed my testimony, and I couldn't be more grateful for that opportunity I had to serve there. I can't wait to go back and visit someday, even though I will be on the audience side of the tour haha.
Thursday morning we awoke earlyyy and I finished packing, then the Simpers drove us down to Independence to transfer busses. Bid many many farewells, took lots of pictures, and hopped on the bus. I had to ride the bus from 8 am until 4 pm! But I made many friends. And it was good because the elders that were just serving in the Manhattan First Ward, were on the bus so they gave me some referrals and advice for the area. Come to find out, they just white washed our area and we are opening it for sisters.. I felt pretty overwhelmed. But having the chance to meet the elders that just served there was a tender mercy. A couple hours into the drive, Elder Jensen (an AP) just happened to mention to me that I was training! I thought he was crazy because I wasn't called to be a trainer and I didn't go to the meeting they have for the trainers.. but lo and behold, he's not so crazy after all.
Sister Stewart is my new companion and she is from South Jordan, Utah. She has a strong testimony of our Savior and we are going to get work done in Manhattan. And have fun while we are at it ha. But I honestly felt so overwhelmed knowing we were taking over an area that had been white washed, that I was "training", and that I was in a new mission with a new mission president and in a new state. I am really going to miss the Missouri Independence Mission a LOT and all the friends I made.. but I know the Lord knows what He is doing and I know I can't do this without Him. I was so nervous because I have never been in a full proselyting area yet (since I was in a visitor's center).. and now I am called to train in one.. but I know we can do it with the strength and help of the Lord and having the Spirit as our constant guide. We saw miracles this weekend.
This weekend was a blast being able to tract, contact potential investigators, and just bear testimony often. Cool story: we felt like we should go see this less active family but when we arrived we found Shawn. She told us that that family had moved (they were her cousins) but that the elders had stopped by not too long ago. She was given a Book Of Mormon and has read it from cover to cover. She said she doesn't feel like she "got her answer".. but we were able to visit with her for quite awhile. We bore testimony of the Book of Mormon asked her to read Alma 32 and pray about it while doing so. We were able to get to know her pretty well and bear testimony to her that Jesus Christ's Atonement can help her heal through her past and trials. She said she is willing to meet with us and we have two appointments this week! On Saturday, we actually helped her move two houses down and some members from the ward came to help which was so awesome. Please keep Shawn in your prayers! On Friday we met Ben outside and were able to give him a Book of Mormon and he said he would read it. Guess what!!! He just "happened" to be at Shawn's house on Saturday to help her move as well. No coincidence my friends. It is soooo so cool to see our Heavenly Father's hands work in miraculous ways.
This week will consist of finding new investigators, tracting, referrals, helping Sister Stewart learn the lessons, and having a grand ole time as missionaries. Oh and today will be my first time on a bike in a skirt so like pray for me because this will be interesting.
Sister Smartt
PS. Happiest of birthdays to my sweet Elsie babe. Can't even believe she is already one.... I miss her so much. And happy birthday Devina!!! I love and miss you! Party hardy for me.
Not sure what the new mission address will be.. but
my new address is:
Sister Katelyn Smartt
820 Sunset Ave. #2
Manhattan, KS 66502

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