Monday, March 31, 2014

I am loving Derby and the new family ward and YSA branch I am serving in! I love my new comp, Sister Hannah, and I love the Swope's (the members we live with). This transfer has definitely been a huuuge change though. Leaving Lake Shawnee, when it was on FIRE, and jumping into these two areas, and leaving behind the STL calling... we are definitely not as busy. It has been super weird but I am still happy and I just love being a missionary.
We were able to set up a dinner with some members and for Megan to join us. We had a yummy din, then we taught the Plan of Salvation, which was AWESOME. They are a great fellowship for her and she feels way comfortable at church and such. Our next step/goal is to get the entire family on board and interested! Megan is soo prepared though and I have already seen the gospel touch and change her life for the better. She already seems happier.
Marilyn is an investigator in the YSA branch. She is soo so great! She has been attending church regularly, as well as institute and FHE. We had a couple of incredible visits with her this week. One of which, was a very needed lesson on personal revelation and re-establishing expectations. She is finally investigating for herself and she has a sincere desire to know! Our second lesson was when Sahar (RC) came with me on splits and we had a powerful visit with Marilyn. She had acted on our invitation to read and pray and she has received many answers to her prayers! Her mind was blown at all of the connections she made between the BOM and the Bible and she was super excited. She hasn't committed to a baptismal date yet but she says she is seriously considering it and she said "You Mormons must be right after all...." :) hahah I LOVE Marilyn. And I especially love that we get to teach someone with my momma's name. What a bonus.
The less active work in the Ridgepoint ward is on fire right now! The missionaries have seen a toon of success with many families that are now returning to activity and it is amazing to be a part of that. We saw many LA families this past week and plan to continue to focus on them!
Missionary brain makes me forget what I have and have not emailed home about.. so my apologies! Let me tell you a little about the new comp. Sister Hannah is so great! She is from Hemet, CA and we have been having a ton of fun. She comes from a family of 5 siblings and they are all adopted. Sadly she was sick this past week (poor thing!!) so we were stuck inside Saturday and Sunday. She is feeling much better though. And not gonna lie, I got a tooon done while we were trapped indoors. I got to know Sister Swope's awesome sister who was visiting (and not a member) suuper well. Also, I had some great studies, organized the area books and ward rosters, made lots of calls, and grand finale- when she was feeling a little better we started to write a song for the KWM. It is just too great and I can't wait to share it when it's all done!
Saturday night was the General Women's broadcast which we were able to watch in the Swope's big theater downstairs. It was sooooo good, oh my goodness. Maybe I was just way too overwhelmed with gratitude to be a missionary and to know that the Church IS true. We are so blessed.
2 Nephi 1:15
"I have beheld His glory, and I am encircled about eternally in the arms of His love."

The Lord loves you and so do I!!! 
Sister Smartt
PS these LA Vietnamese sisters are feeding us this week and are planning to feed us some super sketch food to help us get the "real missionary experience".... Stay tuned.

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