Monday, March 3, 2014

It was a busy busy week!!! The sister's conference went well. Sister Leuder's taught us hula which was a blast and reminded me of the good old days in Hawaii. Then we had some speakers/trainings about nutrition, health, depression, etc.  After a yummy lunch we had our STL trainings on becoming women of Christ. I chose Hannah in 1 Samuel and the attributes were consecration and faith. Her example was incredible to me. The others chosen were Emma Smith, Esther, and the two thousand stripling warrior's moms. Bro Broz (who we live with) was kind enough to drive all of our sisters down in this beastly 15 passenger van we borrowed. It was soo so fun!

Also, we did exchanges twice this past week! Sister Hartung came here with me then Sister Payton came as well. We had good exchanges and I love our sisters a whole lot! Oh and MIRACLE. When I was with Sister Payton I felt like we should call Megan. She hadn't answered our calls in about a month and guess what? SHE ANSWERED! And we were able to set up an appointment for Saturday night. Guess who else was there!? Alysia and Serenity!!! Best surprise ever. So Megan and her kiddos are back in contact and ready to learn the gospel!

Karaissa is doing well. She sure does have a LOT on her plate right now.. but we still talk to her daily and are planning a time to fast with her for strength in overcoming smoking. And guess what!!! We met with Michelle and Kiley in THEIR home which is huge progress and they are now back on date for March 22nd to be baptized :) I can't remember if I explained previously but we found out their mom is a member!!! Miracle in finding a lost sheep.

Saturday was a loooooooong day of meetings. We drove to Wichita and 10-12 was a special MLC with Elder Martino, a member of the Seventy. Holy powerful!! I was so beyond pumped to be a better missionary and a better leader to our sisters. He shared some incredible insights. Then we were invited to stay for lunch with Wichita/Derby zones. It was the best reunion ever!!!! I got to see all of my ex comps that are still in the field. Sister Taylor, Sis Stewart, Sis Murphy!! All in the same room! And soo many missionaries that I just love. It was a joyous reunion. The meeting was awesome as well!! It was a 3 hour training with Elder Martino and we were so spiritually fed, it was ridiculous. He was an incredible teacher and the Spirit definitely led that training. Maybe I was just going to explode because I was so happy to be a missionary and to be spoiled like we are.

We have another BUSY busy week and have soo much to look forward to!! I love the Lake Shawnee ward. And I love my mission. This is truly the restored church of Jesus Christ.

Hope you all have a fabulous week and a special shoutout to ALISA!!! Happy birthday!

Sister Smartt

ps it is also Michelle's bday this week and her little bros and they both have claimed that the sisters have to be present for their special days. Makes us feel loved for sure!

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