Monday, September 23, 2013

Sis Stewart and I caught on camera by surprise

Our great district leader Elder Cottle who
was transferred last week.

Good morning!! 

This past week we had interviews with President Bell. He is seriously the funniest and can't keep a secret. He spilled the beans.. Next week, Sister Stewart will be transferred to somewhere in Wichita and I will be staying here in the Little Apple to train a new missionary. No pressure......

Felix received the priesthood yesterday!!! Oh happy day! All of our investigators bailed on church.. Most had a good "excuse" but it was still rough. Seeing Felix receive this sacred calling and responsibility made my day!

We are still teaching Apryl and I sure do love that woman so much. Her husband passed away last week... It is so hard watching her hurt. She is such a strong woman though! She still wanted us to come over for our appointment and coincidentally enough, we were on the Plan of Salvation. It has been so cool to comfort her with the truths of the gospel. I know that our message is true and it does bring the greatest peace that can be offered in this life and eternal life to come. 

Susan is soo so great. We had a powerful lesson with her this past week and the Spirit was SO strong. She basically already agrees with everything we teach her and when we taught about the Great Apostasy and the need for the Restoration, she basically re-taught it in her own words and talked about how it just made sense. And that is so true. IT JUST MAKES SENSE! We invited her to be baptized :) She wouldn't commit to a date yet but I am confident that she is so prepared and will be ready in no time. She is also the sweetest ever and made Sister Stewart and I bracelets. People are so nice out here, I just love them.

A couple weeks ago we were walking home and I felt prompted to go to this genealogy library that we were passing. We wandered in there and met the volunteers and got talking. They agreed to let us come back and help out there. After talking to the AP's, who then got permission from President, we are approved to serve there once a week! Everyone that we have met there has a background with Mormons (not common around here) and they all seem so prepared. We better start heating up those baptismal fonts.

We are still teaching Fatima and Juliana from Ecuador. Karen has been MIA.... NOT good.. we are so worried! She hasn't been to church in three weeks! It is so hard having to worry. Definitely keep her in your prayers. I feel like this is one big melting pot because of K State. The other day we met and taught Miriam from Iran and she's Muslim. Then met this guy that was Hindu from a place near India and were able to teach him the Restoration. Next door was Lynn from China with a Buddhist background. It it so awesome meeting our brothers and sisters from all around the world and getting a taste of so many different cultures!

My studies this past week were my absolute favorite. I want to be a missionary forever and ever because I am just learning so much every day. I loved reading D&C 138 and the insight about the missionary work going on in the Spirit world. So stinking cool.

Quote of the week:
"The purpose of the gospel is to make bad men good and good men better, and to change human nature." -President David O. Mckay
I have a very strong testimony of this and the redeeming and enabling powers of the Atonement. It is so real.

Hope ya'll have a greaaat week!! Sister Smartt loves you.

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