Tuesday, September 3, 2013

We moved back into our old apartment!! Home sweet home. Maybe we needed a week of sleeping on the floor and living out of a suitcase to realize how blessed we are?! But we are beyond happy to be settled back in. Oh and today started out so great. Why? Because we pulled out the Christmas music!!!! Happy day! Don't judge.  (added further explanation in another email:  Haha okay let me explain all of the moving chaos. So there was going to be this new basement apartment in the 2nd ward (not our ward) but only sisters could live there and there are only elders in the 2nd ward. So they were going to have us live in that basement when it was finished. And we were living at the Gardners (Jim and Martha- I think they are related to the same gardners as Brent & Kristine because they are related to all those gardners in st george they said!) but anyways, after having us live there for a week they realized that it wasn't the smartest to have us live an hour bike ride away from our area.... that's how long it took us when we had to bike from their house!!! But yeah. So they had the 2nd ward elders who lived in our apartment for a week move in with the zone leaders and they moved us back into our old apartment. So looks like we will get to stay there hopefully :) kind of confusing

This past week definitely had its ups and downs, but such is life. Let's get the "downs" out of my system real quick. Plus they are kind of funny stories. So Sister Stewart and I were on bikes this past week which happened to be the hottest week everrrrr. Holy smokes. I have never sweated so much in my life ha. But one afternoon we had appointments that were wayyy far apart that we were hoping to get rides to but never did. We were biking way across town to this appointment that the elders had set up for us after meeting a lady that was interested. So we are biking our little hearts out trying to make it in time and literally dripping sweat (again don't judge) and I turn around to check on Sis Stewart as we are biking up this hill and find that she is farther back and calling for me.... so I turn around to find her with a flat back tire.. Interesting afternoon to say the least. We tried walking our bikes for awhile but because we were racing the clock she had me ride her flat bike and we eventually made it to the appointment! Who wasn't even home.... awesome. hahah. But wanna hear something cool? We were beyond hot and delirious/dehydrated that I literally didn't think I could do it anymore. I remember just praying the whole time and afterwards I realized that the Lord was basically pedaling for me. I have a testimony that even in silly situations like having a flat bike tire, the Lord will strengthen us if we turn to Him. And send angels to help us. Aka Sister Pacada (Relief Society pres.) came to save the day! We were able to drop off our bikes to get fixed, then we went and visited a less active that has been in the hospital. Sweetest lady ever and SO positive holy cow.

Another night this week we were dropped off at these apartments that we had two appointments set up for that evening. BOTH appointments bailed on us so we were kind of frustrated, knowing that there was a big event going on across town that would have been good to go to and meet people. But we decided we were stranded at those apartments for a reason and saw some tender mercies. The first door we knocked on was this sweetest lady (Natalie) from Russia who sat and talked with us, accepted a Book of Mormon and we were able to teach her the first lesson of the Restoration of the gospel. The next door we knocked on was this lady, Jennifer, that also accepted a Book of Mormon, and was receptive to learning more about the Restoration of the gospel and committed to come to church next week. Door number three was this sweet black guy that was so nice! He ALSO accepted a Book of Mormon and we were able to teach him more. Three doors in a row, that is like a record!! The Lord is definitely in charge of His work.

Felix and Karen are both doing soo so good! It has been amazing to see them as official members of the Lord's church. We went to Felix's the other morning to drop off his baptism book we made him and I was so overwhelmed by the Spirit as soon as we went into their apartment. The change that the gospel has made in his life and in his family is literally visible and I could also FEEL it. The Church is true my friends.

One of my favorite missionary scriptures as of late: 
D&C 24:12 "And at all times, and in all places, he shall open his mouth and declare my gospel as with the voice of a trump, both day and night. And I will give unto him strength such as is not known among men." This strength is real and I challenge each of you to test it out. Share the gospel with all those you come in contact with and you will experience it yourself!!

I have literally felt and seen this strength on my mission so far and I am so grateful for this time I am able to completely dedicate to the Lord. And I am grateful for a new day every day to repent and learn from my mistakes and shortcomings. The Lord is patient. 

I LOVE YOU ALL. And am so grateful for each of you. I am grateful that my baby bro just left today to join me in this great and marvelous work.

Sister Smartt

PS - That is so great brade is offf!!!! He will be awesome. I will definitely write/email him. I'm so excited for him!

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