Monday, October 14, 2013

Good morning fam and friends! And HAPPY birthday to Camille!!! I love you so much and am soo beyond grateful for your example to me. Also, shoutouts and happy birthdays to Kimberly, Michelle, and Kella! Love you guys.

For starters, I love my new comp. We laugh all day long (hence the email title) and we literally make up the most ridiculous songs all day to whatever we are doing, it is the funniest/we feel like true missionaries who are losing their minds. But most importantly, we continue to see miracles in the Little Apple and work hard. Yesterday at church, Sister Pickering (who was giving the Relief Society lesson) asked us ahead of time to participate in the lesson and basically share certain things we have learned as a missionary, how our perspective on life has changed, and how our hearts have changed. I was so overwhelmed with gratitude to be a missionary. I have learned SO MUCH it's not even funny. I love my mission beyond belief. I know that it is shaping me to become more of the daughter of God that He has destined me to become.

Sad news!! Apryl is moving :(..... to Junction City. So not too far and she still claims that she will attend church with us. We did explain that there are sisters there as well but she said she is not ready to leave her babies (that is what she calls us). She LOVED fast and testimony meeting yesterday, it was incredible. There was this specific testimony by this young man in our ward who bore testimony about attending a funeral recently at another church and how he "wasn't filled" there like he is "spiritually filled" in our church. Sitting next to Apryl during church is incredible. She is used to really interactive churches so the whole time she is going "AMEN! That's riiight! hmmmmhmm" hahahah I love it so much. When this boy bore testimony she was like "YES that is exactly how I feel!!!" She truly sees and feels the difference in our church because it has the fullness! And the power of God within it. Amazing.

So we are still teaching the Shorter family and we had a greaat lesson with them this past week. Sister Murphy and I both felt that we needed to focus on the Word of Wisdom next. We were slightly nervous on how they would accept it, but it was incredible! They know that smoking is bad, they have a desire to quit, but they just haven't had any luck in trying to quit before. We PROMISED them the help of the Lord as they do their part. The Spirit was really strong there. Even though the two older boys were in the background the whole time rapping about the Book of Mormon... haha interesting times in their home, let me tell you. We also met this guy there and he was SO enthusiastic about life, it was fantastic. He loves checking out new churches and said he is going to attend ours and WILL get up and introduce himself and make sure everybody gets to know "THEE gary ______" (Can't remember his last name) But he didn't end up coming to church yesterday..

Satan is so real my friends. I bore my testimony about this and how we NEED God in our lives every day, all day to overcome the evils of this world right now. We truly are in the last days. Sadly, some of our recent converts are really struggling! Karen finally made an appointment with us for last night but bailed... so please keep her in your prayers! Brother Harsh (Felix) has such a strong faith but neeeeds prayers. He is really sick right now, just lost his jobs, and Satan is working so hard. I hope he doesn't mind me sharing all this but he is just such a great example of holding strong! Yesterday he calls us before church (sounded AWFUL) to tell us he is sick.. but asked if we could pick up his tithing for him so we could take it to church. WOW. Talk about incredible faith. I am so grateful for the examples I have seen out here and the faith I have witnessed.

We are still teaching the Crocker kids and they are amazing. LOVE to participate in the lessons and are sooo excited to be baptized and invite their friends to it. We are planning for around Thanksgiving because their dad will be home from deployment and their families will be in town :) Also, we are still teaching sweet Renee. And Susan! She is doing good. We had a perfect convert team-up come with us last time that really encouraged and strengthened her to not give up.

Like I started out with, I LOVE MY MISSION. This church is true. I love all of the truths that have been revealed to us, it is amazing. Go out and share this with everyone you know or meet!

I love you all and really appreciate all the love and support. A scripture I committed to memory this week was:
Alma 26:12 "Yea, I know that I am nothing; as to my strength I am weak; therefore I will not boast of myself but I will boast of my God, for in His strength I can do all things; yea, behold, many mighty miracles we have wrought in this land, for which we will praise His name forever."

Sister Smartt

PS Apryl quote of the week- We were driving to church and she squealed uncontrollably after finding a bee in the car. Sister Murphy was like "Ohhh it's fine, it is a honey bee- won't sting you!" With no hesitation Apryl says "I don't wanna bee HIS honey!" Hahahaha I love her sass.

PPS Funny story (see pics) Yesterday I was all ready for church and we were making lunch real quick.  Our can opener is awful but I wanted these black beans in my the can opener didn't cut the can all the way through.  I tried pushing it down and it EXPLODED ALL OVER ME! Hair, skirt and all. Yum.  Lesson learned: Don't ever forget that it is fast sunday as a missionary or you and your comp will suffer!!  hahaha no bueno!

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