Monday, October 21, 2013

Howdy. And a happy early birthday to Aunt Cheryl!! love you!

We had such a great week, Sister Murphy and I! Many many tender mercies from the Lord and some great lessons learned.

This weekend was stake conference so Saturday night we went to Salina for the adult session. The First Presidency wrote President Napp (our stake pres.) and 6 days before stake conference he opened a letter saying that all of the Saturday session needed to be dedicated to missionary work. So he rearranged the entire program. Talk about last minute miracles. It turned out AMAZING. Every talk that was given was so inspired. They had all of us missionaries sit on the stand and we sang our mission song as the special musical number. I have grown to looooove that song. I could feel the spirit so incredibly strong, from head to toe. It was amazing! Then President and Sister Bell were able to speak. The Spirit testified of how important this work is and that it truly is being hastened by the Lord! The Second Coming is so near my friends. A favorite quote from Sister Bell "If you don't wear a name tag every day like us, paint one on your heart!" SO TRUE. I love that. All of us need to remember who we are and who we represent as members of the Lord's church.

Natasha and Amissa Self have committed to prepare for baptism on November 9th!! Amissa and her little bro Cazaiah were able to come with us yesterday to stake conference. It was a tad long for a hungry 12-year-old boy but hopefully they liked it haha. Barbara Shorter has also committed to prepare for baptism on November 9th! She has such a strong desire to change her life but her surroundings (home/family/friends/etc.) are not the most positive influence... so she could use the prayers!

Okay so to explain about Heavenly Father hiding our phone. Yesterday I may or may not have lost our phone... we searched high and low and couldn't find it anywhere! So we ended up leaving to a couple appointments. One appointment bailed so we came back to look some more. After another search, and remembering to pray, I kept thinking we need to just have our neighbors call it! So finally we go out and knock a couple doors who aren't home.. We were about to go to the next floor but sister Murphy was inspired to knock on #5 and tada we met Steven and Edwin!! Edwin was a JW from Ghana and wasn't too receptive to our message. But Steven called and found our phone and THEN accepted a BOM!!! Obvi Heavenly Father was hiding it for a very wise purpose :) The University sisters are going to meet with him.

We are working with quite a few less actives. It is really cool because they are some that Sister Stewart and I worked hard to contact and now they are more and more receptive. Sister Glenn (Shawn's cousin) is going to let us teach her every Sunday to "practice the lessons". She also committed to bring a friend eventually :) We met the Carter's and she is actually from st geezy, we have some mutual friends! (raquel, brooke, nicole) We are also teaching Mary Lou who is thee funniest lady ever and beyond proud of her fresh mullet. Also, Felix found a job! Happy days!

Still loving the Little Apple and enjoying the journey. A quote I want to close with:
"They won't care how much you know until they know how much your care." SO true. Charity is the key to bringing others unto Christ and I am learning more and more about that each day.

I love you all so much! So grateful for the prayers.

Sister Smartt

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