Monday, February 10, 2014

Happy almost Valentine's day!!! Sister Macovichuk and I were planning to make really funny vday postcards but it didn't happen.... just know that our plans were awesome.

This past week was madness. We had a snow day on Tuesday. 13 inches!!!! 13 INCHES! It was crazy. And then the next day was transfers and I got to drive us to the greyhound bus stop to help out. Slipping and sliding on the non-plowed roads. It was actually super fun. So we show up at the bus stop and of course the busses aren't even running anymore, due to the storm.. Soooo while we were waiting I got to play in the snow. Then all of us missionaries ended up at Walmart to stay warm until they decided what to do with everyone haha.

Tender mercy of the week!!!!! I got to drive Sister Call to Wichita!! So basically it was a party, road tripping on her last day in the field. Sis Call, Sis Barlocker and I had the best drive ever. And basically just talked about life. It was so refreshing and I just felt soo so blessed to have friends out here that help boost me and help me to reach my full potential. Seriously so grateful for these sisters. And maybe after we dropped Sister Call off, it started to hit me and was the saddest thing of my life! I kept joking with her that I won't know how to be a missionary without her. Literally we have served around each other my entire mission up until now. I learned soooooo much from her, it's not even funny. Now it's just mourning her loss in the KWM, but grateful that I know we will be friends for life. Well eternity. Literally.

After getting back to Topeka pretty late, the Emporia sisters ended up staying with us last minute. After they took off in the morning they realized they left one of their suitcases.. sooo Thursday ended up being another driving day! To Emporia and back :) hahah so basically I have mastered driving in the snow and I think the Lord is preparing me to live in Utah again or something.

Yesterday was hilarious. We woke Karaissa and her kids up again for church. But with cinnamon rolls this time. The things we do to get people to church hahahah! She was so discouraged and was about to bail on church when we were on the phone with her, but I kind of cut her off and just said goood morning!!!! We are on our way with cinnamon rolls. She laughed and was like "All right you little rascals, see you soon." So we made it to church and she ended up loving it, of course. She thanked us afterwards and said that she can feel Satan working so hard on her and she is so grateful that we keep motivating her. Also, it has been so so cool because we have felt prompted to call her at certain times and it happens to be a certain time that she was tempted to smoke. And she thanks us a bijillion times a day for all of the calls and love/support. She WILL overcome these addictions and I know the Atonement is real to heal each of us.

Angela also came to church yesterday which was soo awesome!!! And then they had us teach relief society. That was an interesting lesson. So Saturday I started feeling sick and literally zonked out when trying to read through the lesson. I never even had a chance to read through the whole lesson before we taught hhaha... I was sick during sacrament meeting but I just kept praying that if Heavenly Father still needed me to teach that He would help me. So I turned it over to Him and the lesson actually turned out great! We were sooo blessed.

I love being a missionary so so much. I know that we are so blessed to have the restored gospel and I just invite each of you to do your very best to reach out this week and share this peace and love. I can't believe how fast time is flying. MAKE.IT.STOP.

Lots of love,
Sister Smartt

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