Monday, February 3, 2014

They sent out the new transfer roster this morn and it was a huge relief! Sister Macovichuk and I are both staying in the Lake Shawnee ward! Super happy about that.

This past Tuesday we went to the Kansas City Temple as a zone. President and Sister Bell, the AP's, and the Topeka zone were all able to go and it was amaaaaazing. We all loaded up in a big bus in Topeka and took off. The happiness and peace I was able to witness that day was undescribable. I love the temple soo so much and it encouraged me so much as a missionary. I truly want everyone to experience that joy and peace. 

We may or may not have ran out of miles this past week..... which resulted in finding a lot of member rides and a LOT of walking. We worked in "Little Mexico" a ton which is basically the ghettttto of our area. It was so fun. And it made us feel like hard core missionaries because we seriously worked so hard and it felt great!! Also, we may have taught this lady who was WASTED, which was a first for me..... Our adventures there were interesting and I will definitely leave it at that, for mom's sake :) But overall it was a huge wakeup call and it made me very humbled. I want soooo badly for all of our brothers and sisters to have the joys of the gospel. And it is more than frustrating seeing their circumstances and them not desiring to change.

Karaissa and her fam are doing amazing! They have made real friends in the ward and it has been so great. I can't remember if I have mentioned this before, but Karaissa is going to school full time (online) and raising her 3 kids alone. She is superwoman basically. But the Lord has helped her SOSO much and she has been getting A's in her classes and has trusted in the promise that if she puts the Lord first, He will help her with the rest. She reads from the Book of Mormon every day and prays constantly. She has also said she can literally "feel the prayers" and has been doing so much better with smoking! Yesterday she told us to call her to wake her up for church. There was no reply sooo we decided to just go to their house and wake them up :) We ended up pounding on her bedroom window and it was hilarious. They let us right in and we helped them get ready for church. They LOVED church again. Relief society was extra good and was all about service and the love the sisters have for each other. They had everyone get up and share times when they have received service from each other and how it blessed them. Karaissa ended up going up and bearing her testimony!!! She totally made me cry because she just shared how much she has been touched by our service and how she feels like we are her family. My heart was sooooo full and I was again reminded of why I am on a mission. The changes that have happened in Karaissa are 100% enough of a reason to be out here.

I looooove the people of Kansas so much! I can't even describe it.
And I love you all.

Sister Smartt

ps pleaase pray for Megan (still haven't been able to get ahold of her) and Karaissa!

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