Monday, April 14, 2014

Subject: The field is WHITE, literally

I am super grateful I didn't end up sending that package home.... because this morning I had to pull out my winter coat/boots.. There's lots of white stuff out there!!! Kansas is seriously crazy. It was like 80 degrees a couple days ago. I love this place though, it's keeping me on my toes!
This past week was so great! There was a huge focus on pondering about general conference, what we learned, and helping members/investigators to apply it. Also, I just have to say how proud I am of good old Gilbert, AZ for getting 2 shout outs in conference! I can't wait to go to that temple someday.
Our investigators are doing really well! Marilyn is soo so awesome and is preparing to be baptized on May 17th. She came to a baptism with us on Saturday and was also at church on Sunday. Suuuper prepared. Something kind of crazy- She has been meeting with missionaries for almost a year now. A couple of months ago she was in a car accident which she now contributes it to being God's plan for her. Because of the accident, it freed up her schedule to study with us a ton and she was humbled to finally find out for HERSELF that the Church is true. And she has now received many witnesses for herself. The Lord works in mysterious ways!!
Megan is doing great as well. She has tons of friends in young womens and they have been super helpful. She also attended a baptism with us this Saturday and was at church! We hope and pray that her family's hearts will soften and join her in living the gospel. As of right now though she has been an amazing example to them and is preparing to be baptized on April 26th!!! YAY!
We are also working with a couple other progressing investigators. Anita is an awesome older lady, who recorded conference and watched it all on her own! She hasn't been to church yet but has been reading the BOM and praying :) Bonnie is another lady who I just looove holy cow. She is a riot!! She lives in this super sketchy motel (like seriously it's sketch).. but she wants to change her life and turn it over to the Lord. She is working on overcoming some addictions but is also preparing to be baptized.
Sister Sorenson is a less active sister that we have been working with. It has been way cool to KNOW that we visit at certain times she reaaally needed us. I know that the Lord sent us there and I definitely know that He can guide us to where He needs us most at the time. Anyways, she watched conference for the first time in 30 years!!!! And came to church!! We were SO beyond happy for her.
We had zone conference this past week and it was INCREDIBLE. I looooove meetings with all of the missionaries. There is a Spirit present that is indescribable and I am just beyond grateful for this time that I have as a full time missionary. I thank our Heavenly Father every day for this experience He has given me. I LOVE THE KWM.
There is a super awesome/easy way to share the gospel right now. Go to and share the videos they will be posting this week! Rumor has it that the church has bought out the youtube homepage on Easter!!! The Church is true.

I love you all! Remember our Savior this week, especially with Easter coming up. He does live! I can testify of that.
With love,
Sister Smartt

PS Poor sister Hannah has found out that I sleep teach. #eatbreathsleepmissionarywork
Also, random side note. My ward mission leader for Ridgepoint has a famous little boy!! YouTube "Trick shots with Titus" He is the cutest!!!!

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