Monday, May 19, 2014

This weekend was so great and I am seriously soo overwhelmed with gratitude to be a missionary.  I have to start out with my favorite miracle of the week!!! I was with sister Miller on Saturday and we went out to Rosehill to check up on some less actives and potential investigators. It felt soooo good to be out and about talking to everyone. Sadly no one was home that we had planned for.. but we kept trekking on and I was having one of those internal faith battles, evaluating my faith and if I TRULY believe there is someone there for us to find. Whenever I have these "evaluations" it helps me to cleanse myself of any fear or doubt and to pray constantly for strength/guidance. Anyways, we continued on and met some awesome people! We met this guy that was suuper nice and way prepared. He was from Utah and his aunt is a member. And the grand miracle.....
We met Lorraine!!! She is definitely on my list of favorite miracles. We were walking down the street and we saw this lady who looked super frustrated and worn out.. she did not look like she wanted to talk to anybody! But we knew we needed to talk to everyone, so we did. We introduced ourselves and asked how her day was going. She just stopped in her path and stared at us. We asked if we could help her (they looked like they were moving out of the house). She was speechless and then opened up about how grateful she would be if we could find her some help. She was given 3 days to move all of her stuff out and she didn't have much help at all... Needless to say, she was OVERWHELMED! We called the elders and they were able to come help out as well. But as we talked to her on the sidewalk and got to know her story/trials that she is facing, she just cried and cried. I cried with her and my heart literally broke for her! I offered her a hug and she just cried on my shoulder. We let her know how much God LOVES her and that He DOES have a plan for her. She said that she knew God had sent us and she knows she needs to get back to church. She explained that she had never found the right church.. sooo we explained that God sent us to help her with that :) We had a great afternoon doing service with them and she kept talking about how excited she is to come to church with us. MIRACLE!!!!!! She is super prepared and even has a friend that's a member of the Church. I was on a missionary high for the rest of the weekend.
Another favorite from this week was Marilyn!! We finally were able to have a lesson with her and when we did I was soo so happy to see her "glow". The restored gospel of Jesus Christ has truly changed her and her life. She says she has never been so happy and I literally wanted to explode when I saw, with my own eyes, this new glow in her life. That's what the gospel offers us, is TRUE, lasting, and pure joy. I know that this is true because I can feel it every day and I can see it in others who did not have this light in their lives before. We are sooooo blessed. Also, Marilyn's parents (nonmembers) came to church with her!! That was huuuge miracle in her life. She is preparing to be baptized mid June :)
We have been extremely blessed recently and have been meeting many people that are so prepared! I love being a missionary. And I looove Derby.
Hope you all have a great week!
Sister Smartt
ps today I get to cut my hair for the first time in a year!! yayy tender mercy ha! 

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