Monday, June 16, 2014

Happy late bday to Mitch! Hope it was great and I hope you all had a great Father's day :) especially you pops!!
I honestly don't even know what happened this past week. We worked suuper hard and talked to probably like 5 bijillion people and it was great... but then I blinked and here we are. Also, we moved into our new apartment in Wichita. We miss the Swope's but it's been good and we are settled.
A favorite story from this week was when we were working in Oaklawn. It was a beatiful afternoon and lots of people were out soo we taught a bunch. As we walked up to this lady in front of her house, MIRACLE. She was sitting, facing her house, and looked like she was reading or something. As we got closer she kind of jumped up and just stared at us. She's like "Well that's crazy! I have never been this stunned in my life. I literally just finished praying and then ya'll were there." After witnessing this she still wouldn't set up a return appointment which was soo frustrating but she said we can come back anytime. This truly is the Lord's work.
Remember Lorraine? She has been going through a LOT and texted us the other day. I was sooo beyond happy to hear from her and we are going to get the ward together to help her move this Saturday. The missionaries better take care of her in her next area.. I love that woman!!!
I know without a doubt that there are people waiting for us, that the Lord has prepared, and I know that the Lord will lead us to them as we continute to be diligent for Him. I love being a missionary!
"While justification is represented by clean hands, sanctification is represented by a pure heart that has been given to God." -Brad Wilcox
Give everything you have to Him! He LOVES us. Sooo much. And He can make so much more out of us and our lives than we can.
Sister Smartt
ps Sister Sorenson continues to SPOIL us. She is taking us to get pedicures today and buying us dinner..... LOVE HER.

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