Monday, June 9, 2014

It's Seriously June and a new transfer???

Sister Hannah and I are both staying here in Derby! Third transfers a charm! ;) Baptisms and miracles to be seen.
Sooo this past week was pretty rough, not gonna lie. Aside from 4 sick days trapped indoors.... Marilynn was anti'd hard core. Basically she's been ignoring us and the branch this past week and it has been sooo hard! Please please please pray for her. She needs it! Also, Baylei (who Jerry lives with) isn't interested anymore.. soo we will have to hand him off to the elders soon. All this means is that there are more brothers and sisters of ours that the Lord has prepared for us! And we have a brand new week to find them :)
One of the days that Sis H was sick, I got to go out with a member from the branch- Morgan. She is a returned missionary and totally spoiled us with using her miles like crazy. We saw many tender mercies! Our appointment with Ashley bailed.. BUT she answered her phone and felt soo bad that she forgot and we have plans to contact her soon. Then we caught Marilynn just before she left to work.. so we got to see her briefly! Then we had an awesome lesson with Jerry and Baylei. It was really cool because they were way across town and I didn't want to make Morgan drive all the way out there.. but I had a prompting we needed to see them so we went. Jerry was having a very rough day and we were able to cheer him up with the Spirit and watched "Mountains to Climb" (awesome Mormon Message). Lastly, we tried Jessica, who sis h and I had tried a bijillion times and she was never home. She was a referral from the zone leaders a while back. Anyways, she was miraculously home! And still sooo interested! We are having a church tour/lesson with her tonight and are going to help her re-set a baptismal date :)
With loads of study time this past week, I learned a LOT. Holy cow. A favorite from my studies was when I came across a talk by Elder Holland- "The Call to be Christlike". It seemed familiar at first and then I got to the end and realized I was at that talk! It was when he came to Dixie when I was there!! Sooo cool. I have read that talk probably four times this week and it is so inspiring. I love how he talks about Zion and how it used to be a place that the Saints would settle to establish "Zion". Time and time again the righteous would travel to Zion. Today we are in the FINAL dispensation and are called to establish Zion right here, right now. It is not so much of where we live, but HOW. Loooved how his talk ended:

"When He comes, I so want to be caught living the gospel. I want to be surprised right in the act of spreading the faith and doing something good. I want the Savior to say to me: “Jeffrey, I recognize you not by your title but by your life, the way you are trying to live and the standards you are trying to defend. I see the integrity of your heart. I know you have tried to make things better first and foremost by being better yourself and then by declaring my word and defending my gospel to others in the most compassionate way you could.”'
I love you all! Have a great week!
And dad, have the best Father's day ever!!!!! I love you and am sooo so grateful for your example, love, and support. I have the best dad in the world.
Sister Smartt

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