Monday, June 30, 2014

Happy bday to mom and a happy 4th!!
I remember talking to friends that have served missions and almost all of them told me that the beginning stages and ending stages of missions are the hardest. I can now testify of that to be true! I'm pretty sure it is Satan working his hardest to tear us down. So it's up to us to not let him :) This past week has been a roller coaster.... Monday night we had dinner with Kelly from the branch and the elders. Afterwards, Elder Pack suggested that we drop off the cookies he made to Marilynn. Genius idea right?! We all miss her mucho. So off we went, hoping and praying that she'd be home. She didn't answer so Sis H leaned down to leave her the cookies and then we had a heart attack when the door crept open haha.. On the bright side Marilynn WAS home and we got to see her :) On the down side, she was a completely different person. She talked to us outside for a bit, then finally let us in. We got to catch up and find out how she's really feeling about things. The entire time we were in there I was fighting tears because I kept flashing back to how happy she was before! Again, that glow is gone... My heart literally aches every time I picture her and the light that is missing that WAS there. On the way home, Sister Hannah and I both just cried and cried. I can only imagine how Heavenly Father is feeling as He is always watching over her and seeing the joy that she's missing out on. It's a good thing He is God because no one else could endure that kind of heartache over and over again for allll of His children..
We are teaching this girl named Ashley, who is YSA age! Yay investigators for the branch!! She is awesome and her family used to meet with missionaries for years but she's just now interested for herself. We will get to see her on Tuesday. Another highlight from the week was meeting Danaiah. She has been a member a couple of years and has had some rough experiences with the wards that she was in. We are soo excited because she is willing to give church another shot. Also, she has a suuper strong testimony- has never doubted it.. just got offended. But she will make a GREAT member missionary!
Sooo I was sick for three days which was super lame! I think I made myself more sick because I was stressing about the fact that I don't have time for those shenanigans.... All is well though. Sister Sorenson (Doc) is a gem and took great care of me. I seriously loove that woman so much!!!! She is like one of my favorite people. She was at church again on Sunday. And the other week she had an a-ha moment. She was like "Woahh.. I need to be at your temple wedding someday... I need to start preparing to be temple worthy so I can be there for you!" I reassured her that she has like 10 years to prepare for that but I am so glad she is motivated to change her life!
I love being a missionary and I love this gospel with all of my heart!
"Our lives are God's gift to us. What we choose to do with them are our gifts to Him."
Sister Smartt
ps happy birthday to mom!!!!!! I love you soo sosoo much and aspire to be more like you each day. Best momma out there. Have the best day and happy 4th of July! 

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