Monday, July 28, 2014

Subject: It pays to be a ginger ;)

What a great new transfer and week! It was splendid. Minus many sad goodbyes (Sister Hannah, and everyone that I saw at the transfer devotional....)
Sister Gurr is amazing! She's from Pleasant Grove, Utah. She knew of Sam and Hilary Norton so that's a cool connection. She's been out for about a year and is a great missionary! Sticking to my word of this being a huuge tender mercy that she's the grand finale comp. We get along too great and she is probably the sweetest, quietest comp I have had. LOVE her.
We are finding the elect! Last night we met with Dustin and Terri for the first time. They are a young couple and engaged to be married next May. We taught the Restoration out on their lawn.. near their table they were painting. Minus the paint fumes that were making us dizzy, the lesson was soooo incredible! The Spirit was definitely leading our discussion and they are soooo prepared. They committed to be baptized and THEY prayed at the end for God to help them to know that what we taught them is true and for help to reach their goal of August 16th for their baptism. We will be teaching the Law of Chastity shortly so they can get murried first and it will be great!
Right next door to Dustin and Terri is the Lund's. They are a less active family that the ward has been trying to reach out to recently. Sister Hannah and I didn't have much luck soo we haven't been working with them too much. But on Saturday we called to see if we could stop by. They agreed (surprisingly) and we had a great visit! When we invited them to church Sister Lund said "Yeah we will come! Only because you have red hair." Wait what? hahhahaha we were sooo confused. But hey they actually did come! We found them a ride and the ward was soo shocked that they finally came. Sister Lund just kept talking about how she came because of my red hair.. everyone was dying laughing. Now we will be working on a spiritual conversion for them....haha
We are still teaching Cherri and Jeff. We brought Sister Miller over to Cherri's with us and had another great lesson. Out of all the many lessons we had this week I mention this one because I will always and forever remember the Spirit in her home as we have been sharing the Plan of Salvation with her. There were many tears shed as we testified of our Father's plan for her and for her deceased son. I know that our Heavenly Father has revealed this plan for us to find comfort and direction throughout our lives. We are soo blessed!
The Thompson's are a less active, part-member family that we have been working with for quite awhile! They recently asked us to start teaching their 8 and 9 year olds so they can get baptized and so we can help the fam get back to church :) We are stoked to help them. Also, the aunt is living with them and she's a nonmember so we are definitely finding through The Rescue!! (huge focus of the mission lately)
Maggie, Daleena and her five kids, Cherri, Taylor, Trace, and others all committed to come to church but bailed! BUT we had a miracle with less actives at church. The Lund's, Randall's, Sister Ellis, Victoria, and last but NOT least, Sister Sorenson came!! She even went to Relief Society (for the first time in 6 years). I was sooooo happy I wanted to cry! She had us over for lunch after church and cried as she said it was all because of me that she's back. I know I haven't done anything but I seriously love that woman so much and am so happy for her! Oh and she is planning to kidnap me this month sooo if I go missing......hahah
I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY. Holy cow. We witness soo many miracles. There are many days that definitely test my faith and I have never relied more on the Lord than now.. but I wouldn't trade this time for anything. The restored gospel is true! Share it!!!
Sister Smartt

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