Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Many prayers for Sarah right now! I love you and know that the Lord is watching over you. As well as many angels that are round about you.

Lots to update on! On Saturday, President called to tell us that Sister Call was being transferred. Yeah we were a wreck the past couple days.. but we are doing a little better. Aside from that, we had a great week and saw miracles.

We are still teaching Karaissa and her familia. As well as Michelle (her neighbor) and they are AWESOME. They are all still super interested. The girls especially are super excited. They loove mutual and the young women in the ward, it's great. We are teaching Amelia who will be baptized on the 24th!! Her family has been less active but are now coming back and she is excited to be taught! Also, Megan is amazing and we had an incredible lesson with her last night. Sister Homewood came with us and the Spirit was super strong. I was filled with our Savior's love for her so strongly. We followed up on her praying about the Church and she said she received her answer!!!!!!! She described it as "calming". I seriously just wanted to cry when she told us this and we invited her to be baptized and she said yes!! She is going to prepare for January 11th :) love her soo much!

Also, we had our mission Christmas party in Manhattan this past week and it was a blast. To start out, we watched a really powerful movie on Christ and it really strengthened my testimony and helped me to remember why I am even out here on a mission. It helped me to remember the Atonement and how it applies to each and every one of our brothers and sisters no matter what they are going through. After that we had a testimony meeting and it was incredibleee. Then we played charades and had a grand ole time and ate yummy food. Oh and we wore ugly Christmas sweaters so it was great. 

I was super nervous for the holidays coming out on a mish but it has been great! I love being a missionary sooo much and wouldn't trade this for anything. I am grateful for this time of year to remember our Savior and the emphasis on serving and loving.

Merry almost Christmas!! I love you all.

Sister Smartt

PS joke of the week:
While Sister Call and I are bawling our eyes out, she managed to blubber this joke out
"You can't just tear apart Sister Small! Pick on someone your own size!"
Yeah we died.

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