Thursday, January 9, 2014

December 23, 2013
White Christmas!!!!

Snow on the ground and it is sooooo pretty here, I love it!! I love driving 
2 mph like a gma, slipping and sliding on the ice. I am getting pro though 
because my new companion doesn't have driving privileges so they put all 
the pressure on the az girl. My new companion is Sister Macovichuk! (yeah 
her name has been a struuuggle for me....) She is from California, 
originally from Canada. She is super sweet and extremely quiet. We get 
along great though and it will be an awesome transfer of miracles! 
Yesterday church was cancelled, due to this madness of weather. All the 
missionaries in this area were grounded.... it was crazy. Slash SAD because 
we had tons of investigators that WERE coming yesterday.. some of them were 
almost ready to go when they found out :( 
Megan is doing so good and we LOVE HER!!! Coolest lessons with her family 
this past week. We were finally able to meet her 3 kids (Emma, Elijah, and 
Devon) and they are adorable. Her oldest, Emma, is 8 and wants to be 
baptized with her momma! We watched the Restoration DVD with them and 
beforehand invited them to really pay attention to how they feel and talked 
about the Spirit's role in teaching and comforting us. It was the COOLEST 
THING. After the movie, Emma was almost in tears and just stared at us. She 
said "I just have the happy feeling in my heart and it goes all the way to 
my stomach and back. I know I am feeling it." She was so giggly and happy 
and couldn't stop smiling. Megan was so happy as well. She says that she 
has prayed about everything we have talked about and she HAS received her 
answer of "peace and calming". Watching them feel the Spirit and recognize 
it seriously makes everything about a mission worth it. My heart was going 
to explode for them. I love being a missionary!!!! And I am so excited for 
Megan and Emma to be baptized on January 11th! 
Amelia will be baptized tomorrow :) Their family is way excited! We saw 
them almost every day this week and were able to finish the lessons just in 
the nick of time. She is a sweet girl and it is awesome to see the growth 
in their fam. The temple is their next goal! Oh and happy Noche Blanca!! 
Literally I can't believe Christmas is this week. Holy crap where has the 
year gone!? And I get to talk to you all/ "see you" in 2 days!! gahhhh. 
Christmas evening we are going to spend with Karaissa and her fam as well 
as Michelle and Kylie! We are going to reenact the Nativity with them and 
have a grand time. 
I love being a missionary, I love Christmas, and I love my Savior Jesus 
Remember to SERVE and LOVE and to help others be happy through the restored 
gospel of Jesus Christ. 
With lots of love, 
Sister Smartt 
"May we ever strive to be close to our Heavenly Father. To do so, we must 
pray to Him AND listen to Him every day. We truly need Him every hour, 
whether they be hours of sunshine or of rain. May His promise every be our 
watchword: 'I will not fail thee, nor forsake thee.'" 
-President Monson 

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