Monday, January 13, 2014

It's warming up in Kansas, probably not for long but we will take any heat we can get! Haha and the fact that I am now considering 45 degrees "heat" blows my mind... 

This past week was full of miracles. I am too excited to save the best for last so let's start with Friday. We planned a ward movie night and ended up inviting all the missionaries in Topeka so it was an awesome turn out. Michelle, Kiley, and Shiloh were able to come!!! We watched Seventeen Miracles which is a super powerful movie about the trek to Salt Lake. Oh and leading up to the movie night, Sister Macovichuk and I had a special fast for Megan and that we would be able to hear from her. It had almost been two weeks and we were sooooo incredibly worried. During the movie SHE TEXTED US!!! Many people were crying throughout the movie because it was so heartbreaking slash sad but I didn't cry until Megan texted us. I was seriously going to explode I was so happy. Oh and that was the eighteenth miracle. I know the power of fasting is real.

Her and her family are going through a super rough time.. the dad is in the hospital right now and they are going through a looooooot. So please keep them in your prayers. We were able to go have a lesson with them on Sunday and it was very powerful. The Spirit was super strong, comforting them. Tonight we are also planning to go over there with Bishop and some other brethren to give her a blessing of strength and comfort.

Karaissa and her kids Shiloh, Hezekiah (Hez), Joseph (Jojo) came to church yesterday!!!! As well as Michelle!! It was awesome. They had such a great time and loooved it. Karaissa was able to meet with Bishop afterwards which was awesome. She is sooo prepared and wants to be baptized. She is very committed and will set a baptismal date soon. Just needs to overcome those darn cigarettes. But she can do it!! And she has such strong faith that she will. Bro. Scerbo and the elders came with us last night and she received a priesthood blessing.

Angela (less active RC) who we have been meeting with, finally came to church tomorrow as well! Some members were super helpful and we were able to find a ride for her. She also was able to meet with Bishop, which was way awesome. 

Literally the hardest part about being a missionary is witnessing all of the trials that so many of our brothers and sisters are going through. It breaks my heart over and over again. And then my heart feels a little better when I witness them applying the gospel of Jesus Christ to heal them. But man we are so BLESSED. I am so grateful for how blessed I have been all of my life to lead me to this point to serve my Heavenly Father and Savior for 18. More months ;)

I love you guys a lot! You are in my prayers always. 

Sister Smartt

PS Amelia's baptism went well on Saturday :) We are excited to now teach them the new member lessons and help to prepare their fam for the temple!!

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