Thursday, January 9, 2014

This morning, we woke up to this text from our ward mission leader (Bro. Scerbo):
"-9 with windchill of -28"

HOLY CRAP it's freezing!!! Hahahaha I have to keep asking myself if this is real life. But it totally is. And it's a fun change/I have never been so cold in my life.

We had MLC this past week in Wichita which was super great. I finally got to ride the Greyhound!!!! I was so stoked. No miracle stories on there but I am just happy I finallyyy got the experience. I feel like a real missionary now. Okay so I had a huge realization from MLC and recent experiences. About half of our missionaries are brand spankin new.... which puts a ton of pressure on anyone that has been out semi long.. It hit me super hard about the importance of our examples/trainings. I know I need to give my entire self to the work and to the Lord. It brought me back to 6 months ago when we were called to help open this great mission, the KWM. The culture of this mission is truly being shaped right now and there is a lot on our plate to do our very best and serve in a manner the Lord would.

Monday, January 6, 2014
Happy 6 Months to the KWM!

We haven't been able to get ahold of Megan and her fam this past week and it is like the saddest thing of my life....... gahhh. It has been so incredibly hard worrying about her! We pray for her constantly and have done all that we can to reach her. Pleaaaase pray for Megan! 

Karaissa is back on the radar and doing so incredibly well!!! We had the most powerful visit with her on Saturday. There was a pretty crazy blizzard so we were warned they might ground us from the cars soon but we just KNEW we needed to go see Karaissa. So we went and the Spirit was sooo powerful. She started out just bawling and sharing how she knew she needed to finally be baptized (she first encounter with missionaries was like 18 years ago!) She shared some extremely hard trials she has been through and how she knows that when she receives the gift of the Holy Ghost, it will truly be her CONSTANT companion and she neeeds that. We were all bawling and I felt so so happy to be a missionary, helping Karaissa to feel of our Savior's love. She has made a game plan to help her overcome her smoking addictions and we are SO EXCITED for her.

Zone training went very well this week! I am so grateful for all the elders and sisters I serve with. This week we will have zone conference on Thursday with President Bell and the AP's. Also, Amelia's baptism is Saturday! 

I love you guys!

Sister Smartt

PS I almost forgot the creepiest encounter of my life. Okay so Saturday we had planned to check up on this former investigator (Marvella). It was in the middle of NO.WHERE. Like seriously the houses out there are all abandoned. We get to her property and there are "Keep out" signs everywhere.. along with "GO AWAY".. But obvi her eternal salvation is more important. So we drive up her loooooooongest dirt road driveway. All along the way we are passing some sketch stuff. (more signs saying that no one is welcome, a tent at the side of the road which looked like someone lived in). We reach the end and there is a sign that says "Trust me nothing inside's worth dying for". Grand finale. We were stuck because it was a narrow road with no place to turn around.. So we finally made it to the house and we were both flippin out. Sister M was like "Wellp we made it this far we might as well meet her!" We said a prayer and immediately felt calmer so we got out of the car to go knock at the door. This beastly dog is released and runs toward us. Who even knew I was scared of dogs? I screamed like a little baby and jumped back in the car hahahah. Sis M was dying laughing and got the dog settled down so I mustered up the courage to try again.... We get to the house and it was the most eery feeling ever. Marvella answered and just kept mumbling nonsense.. She got out a "I told you" and we knew we needed to leave..after attempting to portray our purpose to her. So we did. End of the story/almost end of Sister Smartt's life.

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