Thursday, January 9, 2014

Monday, December 30, 2013
Happy 2014!!!

Talking to you all was seriously the best Christmas present ever!! And surprisingly didn't even make me homesick one bit. An hour was way too short though.. It was such a strength and so exciting to hear your voices and get to "see you"!

Christmas Eve (Noche Blanca) we were able to attend 2 baptismal services and it was awesome. Sadly, Amelia's family called like an hour before hers and cancelled, due to a car accident. Satan is UNREAL. But she will be baptized on January 11th now :) 

Being away from home was the best because I totally cheated with the Christmas packages and opened them early muahahaha. Cause I could. But we spent most of Christmas day with the Bradfields, who are an awesome family that joined the church not too long ago. They spoiled us! And that evening we went caroling with a bunch of the missionaries in our zone. It was a blast!! Caravan of our KWM gang. The Spirit of Christ was incredibly strong and I felt soooooooo blessed being a missionary this time of year.

We also met Angela Chance this past week. She was baptized about a year ago and her story is insane. Since joining the church she has lost her son, battled cancer, and lost her leg. As well as many other trials. Our visit with her was extremely powerful. The elders didn't want us in that part of town by ourselves so they were actually our "body guards" waiting outside ha. We invited Angela to receive a priesthood blessing and she gladly accepted. The elders gave her a powerful blessing and again the Spirit was THICK. I love Angela so much and am excited to be a part of her journey back into activity.

Sunday morning we went over to help Megan and her kids get ready for church! Best surprise EVER- they had found the BYU channel and were watching that as they got ready. Love them. They did the Christmas program for sacrament meeting (since last week was cancelled due to the weather) and they loved it. Hardest part was not being able to help Megan with her 2 year old (Devon) as she was screaming throughout and not allowing Megan to enjoy the Spirit. They weren't able to stay for the 3 hours but Emma (8 year old) was devastated and wanted soooo badly to stay! We were able to find her a ride and she loved primary! I just love them so much.

I love my mission. And I love all of you! And mom, just because I keep saying how much I am obsessed with my mission and never want to come home, doesn't mean I don't miss you like crazy. I do!

Cheers to a new year,
Sister Smartt

PS a couple weeks ago some elders strapped a squirrel tail to our car. The squirrel tail battles have begun.

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